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Wasted Morning

I usually go biking 6 times a week mostly during the day after peek times so that there are less impatient motorists on the go who are pissed that the speed limit is 50 kph or generally 30 kph where I bike and I dare to go 30-40 kph which of course mandates an immediate take over spiced with hairy close passes. But this is rather commonplace so I stopped writing about it…for now.

As of lately however the temperature rose significantly and is now around 37 during the day when I usually biked and there is one thing I hate more than anything is hot temperature. I loathe it more than I do inconsiderate jerks who own cars (or vans). So there was really one choice for me if I wanted to keep on biking 6 times a week, wake up at 5-6 am and go for a ride in the early hours of the morning. Problem solved. Or not?

As awesome as it is to ride in the cool breeze with a bunch of WVM (two of them very nearly run me over this morning but what the hey) there is one little drawback in this plan:

Yeeeees, the waste guys. They are nearly all over the place and since I bike in one way streets such as the above, but of course parked all the way through with cars, it is impossible to go around them even on my bike. Surely I can just mount the kerb and pass them but the pavements are very tiny downtown and there are a couple of ppl walking dogs or themselves even this early and they hate cyclists for the fact that many ride on the pavement by default, plus I have an SPD shoe and I was not exactly in a hurry…but the smell, oh geez, that smell, I nearly fell off the bike as the breeze filled my nostrils with the heavenly stench of rotten food and various other smells that I rather left unidentified.

The bin men were looking at me funny expecting me to pass them I guess but I never ever ever pass a lorry not even on the left on narrow streets like there are downtown. I might have a bike but I am not crazy.


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