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So folks, I have watched Iron Man 3 abbbout an hour before and as the movie starts to sink in I get more and more frustrated so I have to write this out. Yes, this is going to be a whining rant similar to the one with X-Files – Fight the Future which also left a sour taste in my mouth (and it was not due to the stale popcorn or the syrup filled ‘cola’).

In case you have not realized it yet, there is going to be some spoilers in this post so if you don’t want to know some details then you better run now…but do come back and comment after you have watched it. I am curious if I am alone with this or I was just expecting too much.

Does the man make the suit or does the suit make the man?

I suppose I am to blame for this whole situation, I shouldn’t have read the comics when I was bored. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those people who read the comics and then keep on complaining when a movie is not the exact carbon copy of those wonderful, colourful pages that tickled my imagination for weeks on end. I get that the story needs to be different. After all I LOVED Iron Man 1 and 2 and absolutely adored Avengers. So I don’t mind the fact that the whole (extremis) storyline is jumbled and twisted to the movie makers’ delight.

Where is the whining then?  Truth be told I LOVED 99% of the movie up until the end of act III. We finally get all those shiny suits and then ‘boom’ comes the resolution: clean slate – as in ‘lets blow all of them up, fix Pepper and get the chestpiece out of Tony’. All this in what? 3 minutes? I was sitting there and thought, my word did I write this script as a school project because that’s what my works are famous for: the end is rushed as I try cramming a jumble of ideas in there but lack the motivation to actually, properly work through them. Whilst I enjoy leaving my professors in a confused state, scratching their beards contemplating what the heck just happened I believe it is a somewhat evil to do the same with millions of movie-goers who were waiting anxiously for this movie. Now again, I am thankful that at least they did not leave any questions unanswered but (for me) all answers seemed much too rushed, for instance Pepper was magically ‘fixed’. How? To what extent? I believe the extremis itself deserved at least a bit more story time there seeing how it is kind of a big deal in the Iron Man universe. Just a quick tip here to whoever made the editing decisions: no one would have minded if the movie was 150 minutes long instead of 120 as long as we get proper answers.

Also I was a tad pissed by how they made a ridicule of the Mandarin but time heals wounds and I kinda think it was sort of funny and a nice twist. Oh and yes, the movie was massive fun so no complaints there, I had a blast.


…Okay, just one last thing. Where in the world is Rescue? I mean the man is obsessed with Pep’s security (not without merits) and yet no suit. I would much rather preferred Pepper finally being a bit more on the kickass and a bit less on the damsel in distress side with a vocabulary limited to one word: “Tony!”. It was a bit boring in the first two movies and I almost threw the rest of my popcorn on the screen had not for the end of the final fight…and the fact that I was out of popcorn by the middle of the movie.

The man blows up the suit(s)

The big question of the movie had the most obvious answer albeit answered in a tad too dramatic manner in my humble opinion but then explosions are important. They sell tickets. But I missed getting real philosophical about this question and the inner workings of the great Tony Stark…unlike Bruce in the extra scene 😀

And man, my heart broke when all the suits went boom.

So all in all a good movie and I will watch it a couple of times again and then it will hopefully grow on me…or piss me off more. We shall see.

UPDATE: watched it again. Still on the opinion that I could have watched it for another hour there was still so much story not really told but that’s what fanfics are for, aren’t they?


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I Wanted to Believe

…but I was left with the feeling that I got majorly sc–cheated.

I have been waiting more or less patiently with millions of other fans for this movie: X-Files – I Want to Believe. And I really do want to believe that this movie made sense to at least some of us and it was just me who missed it.

Stem cell research is an important issue, yes, but quiet honestly an X-Files movie on it? We live the times when we make movies about everything I give you that but still if that was the case then go deeper into the issue not just ‘wait for God to make it happen’. That is not X-Files. (more…)

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