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Ride ’til I Die

The mentality in the title is what a lot of cyclists in Budapest seems to have adopted. Maybe they all listen to too much gangsta rap? Well, when they get pancaked and lucky enough to survive I would like to send them this music video:

A bike gives you freedom. True. But freedom does not equal anarchy. Well, it could but then do not be surprised when the more traffic rules you break the more bones you will likely break also. We, on two wheels,  all know that people sitting in tons of steel with four and more wheels are not so great in following the rules either so why raise the risk of loosing our teeth by becoming as or more stupid than they are.

This has been going on for years now and the hatred between cyclists and motorists is rising unsurprisingly. So why do I rant about this just now?

Maybe it was thanks to the crazy woman who swirled in front of me in a one way street with her pretty city bike going the wrong flipping way! And she was the one who was all pissed when I refused to pull further to the side of the road and let myself yell at her warning that this was a one way street.

Or maybe it was the lunatic who tore past me three times while I was patiently waiting at the red lights. She was lucky twice and to her luck the third time too although it had nothing to do with her masterful biking skills but more with the quick reflexes of the car driver who slammed on his brakes just in time. Of course the girl rode on screaming an insult at the shocked motorist.

And it is not just women. I had to warn many men to leave the bus lane (which is too thin for a bus and a cyclist hence we are not allowed to bike there) when the bus was breathing down their necks. Some complied but from others I only got a middle finger. If you are a sissy to bike between the bus lane and the car lane then look for another route and stop making 50-60 or more people’s trip a misery at 20-30 kph.

My golden rule of cycling – apart from the usually emphasized ‘ride as if you were invisible’ –  is not to sit on the bike with the mindset that you hate every motorist. And most certainly, never ever judge anyone by what kind of car they sit in. By far the best partners in traffic I have ever come across with were sitting in ‘cock’ cars.


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