Y U no post anymore?

I have been asked by one of my dear readers in internets language:

In short: I went offline. Yes, it is pretty hard to believe but there is a world out there beside the “internets” . It is pretty scary and mostly immensely dull but they say when you grow up you spend most of your time there. Especially when you end up in a dead end job like I did almost two whole years ago where there are miles and miles of net cables but they might as well be used to play tug-of-war or tying us to our chairs so we could not stand up from our stations ever because no matter how much you tinkered around with the proxy you will never be able to connect to the world wide web. So I was forced to kick the habit because between work-work-school-work and some occasional sleeping I really had no time to update my online life.

Until today! First off I no longer have my booooooring job (has anyone else noticed how boring it is to hold down ‘o’ when typing boring like that?). I am currently on a hunt for an exciting and inspiring job. I bought my shotguns and bazookas and released the hounds and now I hope that if any prospective employers would read this would not run scared in the other direction.

I realized that the internet is not the same place without my constant blogging and general messing around on other people’s walls and twitting my cycling trips so I switched myself back to online mode.

So what is to come?

Cycling coz I still love it. My knee not so much however but I refuse to let the knee waggle the Tityti.

General whining due to school. Some of you already know that I am majoring new and social media in college and that I am not exactly the number one fan of studying (senseless stuff like humanetology because courses on web 2.0 are actually interesting however too darn rare). Next year I am doing my thesis paper and I am supposed to do some serious research after choosing the topic: The Friendship Between Facebook and Politics. I have every intention on sharing some fun and not so fun trivia with you guys once the project is progressing. So far the only progress I made was to design a logo of sorts:

I am currently brainstorming a street art campaign which will come with an online blast…and I am really hoping that the law is not reading this blog 😀

Uh, and of course politics. When I feel like it because lately I am in a rather apolitical mood. Do not worry though, it is just a phase I am going through every once in a while when I get slapped in the face by the harsh reality of the fact that  my vote worths nothing. I should get back into my naive state in no time and get worked up by stupid politics again.


These were the results of the poll taken by TIME among their readers….whose opinion apparently does not remotely  matter to TIME as the winner of 2010’s Person of the Year is (*drum roll*) Mark ‘I get your private info and sell it’ Zuckerberg. Yes, Mr. #10 with 18353 votes. David Cameron got more votes than the ‘guy who connects the world’, heck even Steve Jobs ranked above him and he is really not famous about being loved by many.

This whole thing reminded me of what my grandfather used to say:

“Until one does not know tyranny one has no darn clue of what freedom really is.”

CSI Hungary

I just read something peculiar today and if this is true we have the BEST police force on the entire planet, oh wait, no the whole galaxy! Seriously!…not.csihu

Hungary’s finest – that would be the coppers – said in a definite tone that the gun that was used during the shooting of a Roma (Gypsy) woman and her child was the same gun that was used at two other shootings of Romas. So why was I a bit sceptic? Me who has been watching almost every single CSI episodes ever created? Because the gun in question is a shotgun. For those of you who have no idea why this is significant: CSIs ID a gun from the striae/groove on the bullet after it has passed through the barrel of the gun. A shotgun shoots out pellets and there is absolutely no way of identifying which gun it has been fired out from. Continue Reading »

Rewriting the Past

Today I nearly got my very first heart attack…sort of…well, it sounds good though :). Let’s just say that I was thrilled with a higher than average pulse and not thanks to the awful weather that flew past the city wreaking havoc. That’s kinda ordinary this summer. The cause was something the general population finds rather dull: cycling. Precisely the king of all the road races, the Tour de France.

But the storm got a tiny bit pissed that it was ignored so bluntly so it has decided to mess with me – and pretty much the whole block…blackout. Some 40 bloody k before the finish! I could not believe it.

George Hincapie with ex-teammate and good buddy Lance Armstrong

George Hincapie with ex-teammate and good buddy Lance Armstrong

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It’s July. It’s hot…well mostly when it is not raining like in a rainforest or something. Half of this year has already passed which makes half of the country depressed the other (naive) half say that there is not much left now of the credit crunch aka making the poor even poorer and the rich just a little bit richer.

But hey the last two and so months went by without me around here so let’s recap them through my eyes.

The new democracy celebrated its 20th birthday (June 16th)…alone it seems because the people living in it pretty much forgot about the whole thing. Okay, so it was a Tuesday and that might threw a little damper on our enthusiasm…the bright side for our paranoid government was though that this way they did not have to be afraid of The People as they were all off working while they partied like, well not rockstars, more like politicians, but then who knows what’s going on in the governmental cars behind the tainted windows.

Click to see the pictures of Heroes Square all prepped for the party

Click to see the pictures of Heroes' Square all prepped for the 'party'

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We – the lowly little Hungarians- got featured on BBC News’ website today:


It is a pretty good piece about our tiny country’s tiny role (being the first country where the Iron Curtain fell as the borders were opened between Austria and Hungary) in the huge event called the fall of Communism or as I call it the one giant leap for Hungary from one pile of poo into another.

Where East and West could meet again: Hungary

Where East and West could meet again the first time in many decades: Hungary

‘Our’ in case you are a fellow Life fan because I am writing about NBC’s show…again.

As was expected NBC decided to axe Life as Chuck picked up some viewers at around the end of its season. Good for them. Not so sure they would be able to keep it up but I’m not the type who wishes bad to anyone (that often). So again the whole thing came down to nasty TV bizz things we rather not talk about, scheduling and ratings. Numbers. It always comes down to numbers. Is it just me who finds the thought of entertainment depending on numbers kinda depressing?

life-cancelledI wish all the bests to NBC (you decide if I am being sarcastic or not). Hope all the actors and actresses and creators and crewmembers will find themselves some longer running shows or movies to work in/on.

Life goes on…just not the series.