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‘Our’ in case you are a fellow Life fan because I am writing about NBC’s show…again.

As was expected NBC decided to axe Life as Chuck picked up some viewers at around the end of its season. Good for them. Not so sure they would be able to keep it up but I’m not the type who wishes bad to anyone (that often). So again the whole thing came down to nasty TV bizz things we rather not talk about, scheduling and ratings. Numbers. It always comes down to numbers. Is it just me who finds the thought of entertainment depending on numbers kinda depressing?

life-cancelledI wish all the bests to NBC (you decide if I am being sarcastic or not). Hope all the actors and actresses and creators and crewmembers will find themselves some longer running shows or movies to work in/on.

Life goes on…just not the series.


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The trailer might be a tad bit confusing but the movie itself is not. Chromophobia is a classic highly character focused movie showing a mirror to today’s society. Basically you can be the witness of a family that was not that perfect to begin with falling apart…or not? I suck at summaries 😛 (more…)

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Props to Milo who told me about this masterpiece. Thank you my fellow Life fan :D!

keane_movie_posterKeane is indeed a remarkably disturbing work of Lodge Kerrigan. It has left me speechless for long minutes after the final fade out. I’ve found myself watching the credits roll in silence still in the grips of this amazing movie. There are very few films that have this much impact on me. Maybe I should watch a lot more independent creations :P. Those guys seem to still know how to make a movie that has something meaningful to tell you unlike the mass productions only created to make a lot of money.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best solution
We often hear about Hollywood productions costing millions of dollars. I myself have worked in production in our tiny country and even here the budgets are ridiculously huge compared to the quality of certain projects. I hope that the credit crunch will finally bring a revolution in the movie industry and the big spenders will either learn some from the independents or disappear from the scene. (more…)

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Well, it seems Life won’t be back next year. I have not seen it on official channels yet but then I might have missed it. News travel slow around this part of the world. If they ever do that is.

Life goes on. Hopefully the series too

Life goes on. Hopefully the series too...


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UPDATE2: this is now the only way to look at the video. I know it sucks but wordpress does not let me embend any videos from sites other than youtube, googlevideo and dailymotion. *insert lots of swearing here* And now if you want to watch the video just click on the link below. It is not a spamming site, not an adult site or anything harmful for your computer. Indavideo is a pretty common video sharing site, a kind of hungarian version of youtube (only smaller and shittier 😀 )

http://www.indavideo.hu/video/Bad_Boys_of_Life (more…)

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And again I am talking Photoshop so: tab writers shoo! 😀

I remember playing these odd dress up games when I was a kid. You got a cardboard guy or gal and some clothes you could cut out for them and could place it over their tiny cardboard bodies changing their dresses as you wished. I’ve always messed around putting the female clothes on the guys just to have a laugh 😛 .

Aaaanyhow, I just found a cool picture of Damian here and played around with it. No, I did not put a skirt on him although I felt a bit tempted at first 😀 . Just re-coloured his suit, tie and shirt. Why? Because I can! 😛 Click on the picture to see the finer details (and the mistakes I have made 😀 )

Damian Lewis suits him

Can you spot the original one? I doubt it...it is not there 😀 Click continue reading to see it.


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This post is dedicated to Life … The NBC cop series Life that I fell in love with about a year ago. And now I hear it might get cancelled! That would be a shame and a rather strange professional decision on NBC’s part. But I am not going to go into the whole viewer rating/time slot thing right now. Okay I will but only briefly. Just a tiny little question to NBC’s scheduling: do you honestly expect Life to pick up more viewers when you put it up against Idol and Lost and give a damn about properly promoting it?…anger vented, moving on…

I will play now the role of the devoted believer and will attempt to convert you to be a fan too 😉 .

The cast (from L to R): Adam Arkin as Ted Early, Damian Lewis as Det. Charlie Crews, Sarah Shahi as Det. Dani Reese,

Season 2 cast (from L to R): Adam Arkin as Ted Early, Damian Lewis as Det. Charlie Crews, Sarah Shahi as Det. Dani Reese,Donal Logue as Capt. Kevin Tidwell and Brent Sexton as Off. Bobby Stark


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