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And again I am talking Photoshop so: tab writers shoo! 😀

I remember playing these odd dress up games when I was a kid. You got a cardboard guy or gal and some clothes you could cut out for them and could place it over their tiny cardboard bodies changing their dresses as you wished. I’ve always messed around putting the female clothes on the guys just to have a laugh 😛 .

Aaaanyhow, I just found a cool picture of Damian here and played around with it. No, I did not put a skirt on him although I felt a bit tempted at first 😀 . Just re-coloured his suit, tie and shirt. Why? Because I can! 😛 Click on the picture to see the finer details (and the mistakes I have made 😀 )

Damian Lewis suits him

Can you spot the original one? I doubt it...it is not there 😀 Click continue reading to see it.



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This post is dedicated to Life … The NBC cop series Life that I fell in love with about a year ago. And now I hear it might get cancelled! That would be a shame and a rather strange professional decision on NBC’s part. But I am not going to go into the whole viewer rating/time slot thing right now. Okay I will but only briefly. Just a tiny little question to NBC’s scheduling: do you honestly expect Life to pick up more viewers when you put it up against Idol and Lost and give a damn about properly promoting it?…anger vented, moving on…

I will play now the role of the devoted believer and will attempt to convert you to be a fan too 😉 .

The cast (from L to R): Adam Arkin as Ted Early, Damian Lewis as Det. Charlie Crews, Sarah Shahi as Det. Dani Reese,

Season 2 cast (from L to R): Adam Arkin as Ted Early, Damian Lewis as Det. Charlie Crews, Sarah Shahi as Det. Dani Reese,Donal Logue as Capt. Kevin Tidwell and Brent Sexton as Off. Bobby Stark


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Okay, I felt seriously bad about picking Damian’s picture for yesterday’s ‘quickie’ so here are two of my older jobs from a year ago when I started using ‘clone stamp’. Pictures were taken by me last summer in Vác, Hungary. And as usual click to see the bigger picture 😀


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It’s been a while since my last photoshop creations getting up here so here goes nothing. A recent ‘quickie’ of mine with a promo pic of Damian Lewis from NBC’s epic cop drama Life. If he looks familiar you might have seen him playing great Richard Winters in HBO’s Band of Brothers (another unbelievably great TV series). He is a brill actor and a fine lad (seriously I only photoshopped him ’cause I had his pic on my HD 😛 ) but I will not praise him more right now cause I’ve been up for 18 hours and it might turn into something that tomorrow I would regret putting on the net 😀 😀 😀 . Besides I am planning a post glorifying Life and Damian for later…but enough of the rambling. Here is a ‘how to loose years in ten minutes without botox.’ Photoshop!

Got some more 'natural' colours, his hair is red again and the lines of aging are gone

10 minutes of work: got some more 'natural' colours, his hair is red again and the lines of aging are gone (if you click on the picture you will actually see what I did 😛 )

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Angel Pig

Have this picture for a while now it’s time to put it up here. It’s our ‘little’ cat Cucu (which is a name for a pig usually). So now I call her Angel Pig after Homer Simpson’s Spider Pig
an angel...?

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Just before I fail to meet the week’s quota. A picture inspired by the lovely song “Budapest, Budapest” which is shockingly enough is about Budapest and hey even the picture was taken in Budapest (by me) staggering coincidences I know. I’m in shock right now so just gonna write a few words about the other picture that being the one taken obviously not by me. It was my plan to get it on my bank card but then decided to keep the old one aaaand the picture too. Taken in 1956 on one of those few blessed days when a nation finally cried out…then it was silenced again.

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I usually go out on the street with my camera at hand (who knows what can happen in a city like Budapest?). So when I’m bored I have some raw material to play with in Photoshop (splendid little thing, couldn’t live without it for sure). My latest victims were a photo taken off the entrance of a block apartment (where i noticed this pattern: green) and then there is the picture of a typical Hungarian suburban train station (this one is in Göd, small town I used to visit ’cause of my EVS sending organization aprox. 40 minutes from Budapest)
Our house is a very very fine housethe rail to nowhere

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